Friday, April 20, 2012

This blogger has moved.

Hello!  Hello?  Helloooooooo? I don't know if there is anyone still paying attention to this blog, but I wanted to say that it will no longer be active.  That was probably obvious from the fact that it hasn't updated in like 8 months.  I am no longer adding content to this blog.  I appreciate everyone that came by to read it, but ultimately it was just a little unfocused.   I also had a lot of trouble staying motivated to blog all on my own.

If this news comes as a disappointment to you, do not despair!  I have joined the crew at the Growing Up Gamer blog and have been blogging regularly there for several weeks.  Please go check out that site if you haven't already.  Its full of fun content and updates much much more regularly than this blog ever did. 

Thank you everyone who read this blog.  I hope to see you all of you over at Growing Up Gamers.

Stick a fork in this blog, its done. Thanks, everyone!

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