Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Rule Of Cool

Okay, lets jump right in. I've decided to start a blog. Something entirely new to me. This week is all set up and starting next Monday...it's on baby!

Tomorrow or the next I'll talk about who the hell I am (on the off-chance it matters) but today's first post is all about hopes, dreams and what I'm telling myself I'm going to accomplish.

Why the hell is this blog called Cool Factor 5?

Well take your pick...

1. Cool Factor 5 is a role-playing game system I'm currently designing

2. I intend to post 5 days a week (I'm taking my weekends.)

3. The are 5 different categories of topics I intend to cover (see below)

4. I thought the name sounded fricken awesome

5. There are exactly 5 ways to skin a cat, and if you say there are more you're a damn liar!

What's Cool To Talk About?

I intend to cover 5 different areas of interest:
1. Politics/Philosophy: I like to wax philosophical and talk political trash now and then.
2. Games: Role-playing, table top, video, computer, portable, party, you name it. I love games. I will try to review games now and then or just talk about the gaming industry in general.
3. Entertainment: Wide category for thoughts on movies, television, and whatever else amuses.
4. Design: I am a game designer and writer by passion...though not by trade at the moment. I will talk about anything to do with design that I think you might find fascinating.
5. Grab Bag: I will talk about anything random and silly that crawls into my brain and refuses to let go like a Martian Mind Slug. Cheap you say? A 5th category that can basically be whatever I want? Cheating? Uh..yep. You are correct.
What the #$%! did you say?
Language is still a bit of a conundrum for me. It's my blog and I'd like to write how I think and sometimes I think some very foul mouthed things. That said, it'd be nice to point to my blog professionally once in a while if I actually manage to write something...oh I don't know...good. In which case I would much rather have language that remains casual but still professional enough.
I'll make up my mind by weeks end because I'd like to be relatively consistent.
And what now?
And now we end this first post. That's it. The rule of cool. Here at Cool Factor 5 we'll talk about cool things in a cool way and I hope you'll join in with some cool comments. This is my New Years Resolution that I am making on October 27th because every time I wait for Jan 1 it NEVER seems to work! So why wait for failure when you can do it today?! From now (well Monday Nov 1 really) until October 31, 2011 I will be posting 5 days per week. After one year, we'll see if it's worth continuing.
In devoting myself to writing about the things I love, I hope to make them even more a part of my life...and yours. Good luck to us all (but mostly me. After all, if this doesn't work there's a whole Internet out there to entertain you).

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