Sunday, November 7, 2010

Who The Hell Am I?

Well one idea straight out the window. I had intended to start posting my fabulous new blog posts all last week and that...didn't happen. I may have to revise my expectations. 5 posts per week might be very unreasonable. I won't got lower than three though. Still I'm going to give it a real try this week. I've got one post ready to go and ideas for several more. This post, however, is the last preparation post I want to do. In case your curious about the person who is writing this blog.

I've been debating how much of my actual information to share, but I think you want to know something about the person whose work you read. You want some idea on where they are coming from.

My name is Julian Leiberan-Titus. I'm a child of the 80's (Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles were awesome!), a teenager of the 90's (even I knew grudge sucked), a college kid of the 00's and towards the end of 2010 I find myself about to turn 31. I'm displeased with my job and studying to get my Masters Degree in Secondary Education to become a high school Social Studies teacher (though I am consistently doubting myself these days). I'm happily married and have been with my wife for over a decade (though only married for 7 years). We have a 5 year old daughter and another child on the way (don't know the gender yet). So I'm a happy husband, a proud father, a dissatisfied worker, and still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

Code Names Are Cool
I thought about just going by an online handle. Somewhere along the line, despite how awesome the movie Hackers is, code names on the net became a little uncool. People seem to want to have genuine interaction and its just not as geniune to be reading the writing of Dragmorian as it is to be reading the writing of Julian.

Still, the net is about being what you want to be and Dragmorian is the code name I've been rockin' since AOL days back in 1995. An online handle is about a persona you want to be even if it's not quite what you really are.

What I truly want to be is a game designer. Card games, board games, video games, you name it. I want to design it. This is where my greatest passion lies. I've designed many many games about half way. It's damn tough to finish with a game you're satisfied with. Still I go on trying. I don't know if it will lead me anywhere, but I love to write and I love to design. I can't help myself. This blog is about trying to build me into the habit of producing a finished product that people can see and interact with. I need that out and I need to build that habit. Cuz I can also be way too lazy. I don't like my job but I could work it for quite some time if I don't force myself to stop it and really try for something else.

Help, I'm trapped in nutshell.
Well that's enough to sum up where I'm coming from. Hopefully it gives you some context for what you're about to read. Some that stuff may sound glum, but overall I love life. It's crazy, exciting and you never know what's coming next. I'm exciting to try out something new and I hope you'll have fun reading it.

A Final Note On Language and Behavior
I was torn on what language level to use on the blog and I've decided to go with "whatever's good enough for cable TV is good enough for me." So probably no F-bombs (or very few) but other slang and cuss words will be used as appropriate. Never to insult anyone kind enough to be leaving comments on my blog, however. Even hateful comments. If you do respond or reply to anything on this blog, I ask that you conduct yourself with good manners and try to say something interesting and useful rather than just derrogatory. Thanks.

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