Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rock Band 3 and Four Loko

I'm running behind on my blog posts this week so I decided that at 3:30 in the morning after arriving home still possibly inebriated from a can of four loco and having played Rock Band 3 for nearly 5 hours straight would be the perfect time to post. Here...we...go.

Four Loko
This is a fricken 24 ounce can of 12% alcohol that comes in various flavors and includes a gracious amount of caffeine. So it'll get you messed up and keep you energized all at the same time. Apparently the FDA has ruled that it needs to be taken off the market because it they feel it is targeting kids (or so my drunken buddies have informed me). It does have a fruit punch flavor so I can see the argument...on the other hand I've heard that flavor is awful so maybe it would deter kids from alcohol. I don't know. I had the lemonade and it's kind of like a Mike's Hard Lemonade with an extra kick in the ass. It was a friend's 30th birthday or I would not have downed the stuff. I'm not sure why the demands of a friend turning 30 at midnight on a work night are important to follow...but indisputably they are.

Rock Band 3
See...I'm on topic. This is about a game, too. Rock Band 3 is awesome (if you like the Rock Band series anyways). I know it's got a super expensive keyboard option and a super expensive pro-guitar option. It's unfortunate that these cost so much fricken money. However, even without these, Rock Band 3 is worth your money if you like to rock out with your friends. The adjustments are subtle but many and they all increase the fun of just getting together with friends to rock out. Here's a short list:
  • No Fail mode is a standard setting you can put on and still unlock achievements
  • After pausing, the game will back up a little bit to help you get back on track.
  • You can unlock achievements in multi-player mode
  • The individual instrument difficulties are displayed on the same screen that you are selecting difficulty on
  • You can add/drop a person mid-song
  • You can add/drop an instrument without backing out to the menu
  • You can change difficulty mid-song

That may not seem like much but basically it means that you can finally play Rock Band as a pure party game, adjusting anything you need as you go along and getting full credit for playing together. This, in my opinion, is the pinnacle of party/music games.

Still being up at 4AM on a work night when you get up at 7AM

This is a bad idea. I will regret it tomorrow. However, on occasion, it is important to do. It reminds you that your friends are more important than one good day at work. Besides, if you can't endure one night's worth of bad decisions what's this life coming to anyway. Or so says my stupid, semi-drunken brain.

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  1. You can also switch instruments without signing into a whole new profile, which is fun if you wanna dabble on the drums or change up your lead singer. I could list about 100 more things that make Rock Band 3 awesome, but that would probably warrant my own blog post :)