Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ze Frank: Spastic Spirit of Creation

So I made reference to Ze (pronounced “ZAY”) Frank on yesterday’s post and I decided that I should do one full post just on him. He’s that awesome. He’s also partially the inspiration for me to do this blog. His 1 year long video blog called The Show was amazing both in its regularity and quality of content.

Why Play With Ze?
Well sports racers, what’s incredible about Ze Frank’s work is that most of it is unpolished, completely spastic, and filled with life. Ze doesn't seem to be bothered by a need to overly refine a good idea; he’s got 10 more things he needs to try. While this means that the web toys, music and art that he creates are often rough around the edges, they are also raw, pure and wonderful. Sometimes his work is just plain silly (nothing wrong with that), but it also connects people across the world in really beautiful ways. He seems to me to be a true artist in that he’s always creating something new and expressing something unique.

Ze Exposé
I highly recommend you check out his work. Good for a laugh, good for a smile, and very inspirational. There’s lots to play around with on his website and his latest TED talk (that’s Technology, Entertainment, Design) is well worth watching:

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  1. I love TED talks but I'm kinda mad that I didn't 'get' Ze before this. I have his RSS in my reader and I did listen to the 'I'm ok' song and thought it was pretty great but I moved on too soon and didn't share it. One of my christian co-workers signs his emails with something like, "How do you know that a person needs encouragement? If they are breathing" Ze gets that. Thank you.